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Moodle for Teachers - Online Course

Course Description

Moodle for Teachers as Course Creators and Administrators. A ‘hands on’ course using a live Moodle version 1.9.4 sandbox. Create your own course. Add real resources and activities such as assignments, quizzes, wikis and blogs. Administer your course by assigning roles, creating classes, grading work and producing reports. Add functionality with blocks for news, calendar, events, blogs and student portfolios.

Course Suitability

This Moodle for Teachers course is suitable for teachers wishing to gain competence in the use of Moodle to create and run courses online. It is suitable for teachers with no Moodle experience that want to become Moodle literate or teachers with some Moodle experience wishing to further develop their ELearning skills. There are no specific prerequisites but basic Internet and computer literacy is considered advantageous. Prerequisites of enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn are also desirable.

Course Aims

The aim of the course is to introduce participants to the features of Moodle. On completion participants should be able to use Moodle to create and administer online courses that significantly enhance the learning experience of their students.

Course Outline

Creating your first Course
*  Creating a new Course
*  Course Formats
*  Course Enrolments, Groups and Roles
Adding Resources to your Course
*  Adding Labels, Text Files, and Web Pages
*  Linking toFiles and Web Pages
*  Displaying a Directory
Adding Activities to your Course  
*  Adding Assignments (single file, multiple file and offline activity)
*  Creating and Developing Quizzes
*  Creating and developing a Lesson
*  Add a Discussion Forum and a Wiki
Class Administration  
*  Managing your Profile
*  Managing Participants, Assigning Roles and Creating Groups
*  Activity Log Reports
Managing Grades and Resources  
*  Grading Assignments and Quizzes
*  Managing Grades, Files and Quiz Questions
Added Features - Blocks 
*  Managing Blocks
*  News, Calendar, Blogging and E-Portfolio

Course Mode

The Moodle for Teachers  course is a hands-on self-paced course. It comprises of a series of  lessons that includes practice exercises and examples. Participants are given a login to the course and also a login to a live Moodle learning environment (version 1.9.4) for hands on experience and development.
** Note that this course is also available as a one day workshop.

Course Duration

The duration of the Moodle for Teachers course is flexible giving participants ample time to reinforce their learning in the hands-on Moodle learning environment. Participants are given a login time of 30 days to complete the course from the date of enrolment.

Course Cost

The cost of the Moodle for Teachers course is 89.90 
** A discount of 10% is offered to organisations for groups of 10 or more participants

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