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Dear Educator,

Welcome to our August 2010 newsletter, which heralds a hectic start to the new academic year. Reflex Education Solutions remains committed to the Open Source cause through our Open4Ed initiative. IGCSE ICT Online continues to grow and celebrates it's 5th birthday. In this issue we also update you on the latest development with the rapidly growing CAMEMIS Educational Management Information System and take a look at the latest Moodle happenings. There is also news about the 21st Century Learning Conference and SCI Teacher Retirement Plans.

Best Wishes,
Clive Roberts BSc (hons), MA Int. Ed.


IGCSE ICT Online - CIE approved resource with over 400 users.

Celebrates its 5th birthday - So what do the teachers think?

"Our ICT IGCSE results were fantastic this year – A*, As and only 2Bs –  your Moodle resources definitely helped and made a difference to their overall results–so THANKS!"  -  Caroline, SAIS.

"'Our school is very happy with the ICT results in our first IGCSE year, and that is tantamount to your course, so thanks a lot from me :)" - Gordon, BKK Prep.

IGCSE ICT Online here


CAMEMIS - Government schools in both Vietnam and Cambodia are now implementing CAMEMIS (Initially 50 schools each), Thailand is next. CAMEMIS is still on target for an early 2011 general release. If you can't wait until then let me know! Reflex Education Solutions (Open4Ed) are now official CAMEMIS Partners.     http://www.camemis.com/camemispartners

Moodle News

Moodle for Teachers Online is now available for only £89.90. Also available as a one day CPD workshop.

A second Moodle 2.0 Seminar was held at ESF in Hong Kong on August 24th led by Shane Elliott from Pakunui Technology

Ning for Hong Kong Moodlers & Moodle iMoot - Join today!

eyeOS 2.2 Stable release

eyeOS Open Source Cloud Productivity Environment continues to develop with the release of version 2.2 - The first stable version.  As we 'Wave' goodbye  to Google take a look at what will become a real alternative. Reflex Education Solutions is proud to be an official eyeOS Partner. Take a look at eyeOS Version 2.2

21st Century Learning @ Hong Kong

One not to be missed -  the 2011 21st Century Learning @ Hong Kong will take place on February 17th-19th 2011 at West Island School, Hong Kong Island. The 2009 conference was amazing so a definite date for your diary - more news next time.

Teacher Retirement Plan

Teacher Retirement Plan - Impartial financial planning advice for expatriate International School teachers. Check out this great blog at:       teacherretirementplan.com

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